Breeding is the selective pairing of animals of the same genus with the aim of consolidating and improving special qualities of the offspring. The offspring coming closest to the objectives is used for further breeding – once more with specific objectives for the next pairing etc. The objectives are often the same for generations, because imprinting and consolidation of properties is a long process if the breeder does not lose sight of the health of his breeding cats and of the breed as a whole.

1. It is ITC’s top priority to preserve and protect the health of our breeding cats and their successive generations. Precondition is a comprehensive complex of measures that are always higher-ranking than any objectives or wishes in connection with the breeding process.

This includes:

  • Healthy bloodlines (analysis of the parents and their offspring and relatives over a long period, DNA tests)
  • Total health care (tests, checks, vaccinations)
  • Breeders and owners must offer living conditions appropriate to cats permitting them a long life (harmony, exercise, promotion, activity).

2. At the same time the typical character of the Thai breed is to be preserved and further developed. The very affectionate, social, communicative and robust Thai find their place in families with children or other pets, with lively youngsters and peaceful elders without any problems. Their size and balanced temper make them ideal house cats, but they also enjoy protected room to run about. They love to come along with their beloved family for holidays or to the “summer quarter”, easily adapting to new accomodations or hotels.

Thai cats are sporty, mobile and very attentive their whole life.
Our breeders make their decisive contribution to preserve this exceptionally agil cat by carefully selecting the breeding mates and upbringing their litters.

3. From the very beginning, i.e. for more than 10 years now, it is the type, the general impression of the Thai that is in the focus of all our breeders:

  • Thai of ITC breeders are promptly distinguishable as Thai without any doubt.
  • Thai offspring of ITC breeders means: regarding size and development (except the point color) brothers and sisters of a litter are as like as two peas in a pod.
  • Thai litters in the ITC look similar from the very beginning.

The uniformity within and amongst the litters for more than 10 years and across state borders is a guarantee and attestation of racial purity, giving evidence of the breeders’ careful and competent selection of representative THAI bloodlines.

4. Beside the permanent breeding goals described above, other optical features of the Thai such as eye color, point color, hair length etc. are to be imprinted and consolidated. They are fixed in the standards of the cat associations and their umbrella organizations. It is up to the individual breeder to decide the objectives to strive for.

The continuous coordiniation and cooperation among the ITC breeders has proven its worth regarding these topics, too. Also the adult cats stand out by their striking resemblance and their clear classification as Thai.

Even today, extension and purity of the Thai breed in Europe are obviously shaped by the breeders united in the ITC. Countless awards and excellent professional judgements by specialists at international and world cat shows document the complex and successful work of our breeders.

To preserve this wonderful breed in its straight naturalness – this is our declared objective even for the future.

International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.