Already as a 10-year old (1975) Karin only wanted Siamese cats with the "Apple head" as her pet. Her parents were able to locate a person who did have these type of cats and finally the seal point female cat named "Mischi" joined the family. One year later her half-brother a blue point cat called "Contrex" was added.

In the USA in 1994 a seal point Siamese cat showed up at her doorstep and decided to stay. Her husband called her "Pischi" (Farsi for cat). Pischi lived 17 years with the Family and left a deep impression with all the members due to her wonderful character.


Here some fotos of her siameses Mischi und Contrex of the 70ties:

Here siamese cat Pischi in USA (between 1994 and 2001):


When the family moved to Germany in 2012 there was no question that cats would join their lives again. In 2015, finally through the help of Carola Hopfe, a seal point male Thai named "Dastan Dragonheart" and a female blue point Thai named "Blue Bonnett" were added to the family.

In addition we have decided to support the recognition of the Thai cats and are still awaiting little kittens.

We chose our Cattery name to be "Magic Pischi" in memory of our wonderful cat in the USA named Pischi, who one day as if by magic appeared in front of our door.





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