Warmly welcome to our cattery Blueberry Eyes in CZ!

We are a little family. My name ist Irena, I live together with my husband Patrick and my son in a house with garden in a quiet village in the Czech Republic. For several years two castratos, the pet cats Adinka and Lilly, have lived with us. Both of them had been looking for a new home and so they arrived at our place one day…..So our family grew…

I have always admired Thai cats, visited different web pages of different breeders and read a lot about Thai cats there. The eyes, the temper and character oft he Thai cats have captivated me. I wanted to have a Thai of my own! I saw Aghy at the cattery of Fancy Thai of Jana Kadlecová and was so happy that the little cat was taken to us and agreed on the relocation….

Of course Thai cats do have a different temperament and Aghy was too wild for our two even-tempered castratos.

I decided he should have a girl friend! Thanks to Mrs. Hopfe our Aghy became acquainted with an endearing, pretty bride. And our family was pleased about our new cat Chocolat…

“Chocki” felt comfortable at her new home immediately. We decided to breed this wonderful race so that many nice people are able to experience such joy as we do everyday with our Thais.





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Familie Beranek

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