We, Deborah, Christian and Gabriele (our son) are a small but as well a big family. Our cats live with us in our flat, share our rooms including the bedroom.

The name of our cattery can be descended to the magical and mystic eyes of our cats. First we wanted to call our cattery "Mystic Magic Thai" but the name was too long and so we decided on "Mystic Thai".

The first Thai conquering my heart was an about eight week old boy, then called a Siamese cat. He was the finest present my father ever has given to me. I was only ten and he was called Bean and remained my true life partner for 18 years. With him I went through many periods of my life, some happy, some sad. He always knew how to comfort me…. a real best friend! After loosing him for a very long time I was indecisive if I should get myself another friend like him… it seemd tob e betrayal (maybe there is someone who can comprehend) so I got a dog, at first only one female German shepherd, later a second one, Ura and Zoe, both passed away meanwhile.

But the obsession was always there….

Thanks to a friend who had searched in the world wide web in 2007 I got in contact with a breeder providing me with a baby cat. Hooray! Little Romantica came into my life in April 2007 – it seems to me like it was yesterday shedding tears pf happiness. Then Christian, an animal lover as well, joined us, our family grew and a Russian Thai cat pair arrived.

Our cattery is spezialized on Thai with the colours chocolate and lilac point but as well as blue and seal, the typical colours. We wish that everyone, each pet lover can enjoy the beauty and the warm love which  these „Mystic Thais“ are bringing in every day life. We call them „natural dantidepressant“!

Our cattery is admitted in WCF and FIFe and we are part of ITC and follow ist ethics. The main purpose of Mystic Thai is to pass Thai cats to people who love and respect animals.

See you soon!
Deborah, Christian und Gabriele






Cattery “Mysticthai”
Debora Rizzi

I-34148 Trieste, Italy

Tel. 347-2573003

E-Mail: deboradellelupe [at] // info [at]

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