I, Carola Hopfe, started to breed Thai cats in 1996, first under the cattery name “vom Schossbach” (From Bach’s lap), named after the creek that gurgles in our yard.
But outsiders often believed in a typing error on my part and constantly attested the name “vom Schlossbach” (Creek from the castle). So, since 1997, I changed the catteries´ name to “Magic Thai Goblin’s”, who is now known and appreciated by many clubs, breeders and enthusiasts.
From the very beginning our work was not limited to the breeding of Thai cats within our cattery.
Through the creation of communities of interest such as the “Round of Thaicat Friends”, “International Thai Communion in the Bavarian Association”, “International Thai Cats” and most recently the “Cattery Union Magic Thai Goblin’s” we have pioneered the recognition and break-through of the Thai breed in Germany and Europe. Even the largest U.S. umbrella organization “TICA” were aware of the breed by our work and our commitment to the THAI.
All efforts and activities of “Magic Thai Goblin´s” are focussed on our ideals – racially pure, healthy, robust, well-balanced and very beautiful cats.
Our “trademark” includes – in addition to the typical optical characteristics of the Thai cats from the “Magic Thai Goblin’s” cattery – the support and regular friendly contacts to breeders, owners and their cats.

The Breeder

The kennel “Magic Thai Goblin´s” is a Cattery- Union, that means, that several breeders with small groups of cats breed a race with the same kennel name. The head of the Cattery- Union is the founder Carola Hopfe.

Here we are presenting some of our breeders, more informations can be found on our website.


Head of Cattery-Union
Has always been enthusiastic about biology and since school, so she has learned animal husbandry, animal breeding studies and worked several years as a breeding manager in a farm and the zoo in Gera.
Only later, she completed a degree in business administration.






Cattery Union “Magic Thai Goblin´s”
Leader: Carola Hopfe
07522 Gera, Germany

Tel.:   +49 (0)365 77349999
Mob.: +49 (0)175 1718105
E-Mail: C.Hopfe [at]


Magic Thai Goblin´s

Magic Thai Goblin´s in Italien- RIMINI

Magic Thai Goblin´s in Italien- VICENZA

Facebook: Carola Hopfe

International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.