Our breeding work is unthinkable without our dear, loyal and sincere fanciers.

MTG´s ICAT by the sea

It is them who give us insights into their darlings´ lifes with numerous reports, stories and photos. It is them who inform us how the cats are integrated into their families and about the development of their characters and appearance.

MTG´s Weyoun

By means of their reports and photos as well as during visits and meetings even after years we can carefully watch and analyze our offspring and get hints for our further breedig work.

MTG´s Nicholas in Italy

Our fanciers give us the certainty that we are actually breeding the cats having the characteristics desired by ourselves and appreciated by our customers.

It is them who encourage us to hold on our breeding targets. It is them who tell us that Thai of our breed are exceptional. It is them who make us forget all worries and expenses and motivate us again and again.


Their appreciation, gratitude and friendship and their enthusiasm for our cats are our “elixir of life”.

Here some nice pics our Thai cat fans:

Thai cats are on holiday

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Report by family Minelli

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Owner of MTG´s Artu

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Thaizwerg Coco goes on vacation

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International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.