Mainstay of the ITC are our breeders. They stand out by their special knowledge, experience and personality. They dedicate their leisure time not only to the breeding work itself but also to the participation in shows and – last but not least – to our fanciers and other interested persons.

They take care that their breeding cats live together in harmony in everyday family life. Of cause, the kittens grow up in this domestic atmosphere as well.
Their breeders prepare them very well for everyday life. For example, noise of household utensils is well-known and will not be frightening. The number of cats per household is small, securing optimum individual care.

When our cats move to their new homes at an age from twelve weeks their breeders have convinced themselves long ago that man and cat go together and that the new surroundings are right, too. They know best which cats are well matched for a home together. Indoor or outdoor cats – they support the new owners in word and deed – for the cat´s whole life.

The breeders and fanciers in the ITC are in close contact, exchangig experience and new knowledge – for the benefit of our cats and their owners.

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International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.