The the seven pillars of ITC

International Thai Cats (ITC) is an association of Thai cat (= traditional Siamese cats) enthusiasts and breeders which work together based on a common understanding of trust, correctness and a code of ethics.

Our breeding efforts bear a big responsibility.

We breed these animals because we love them and we treat them as part of our family.

We strive to assure their lives are good (finding a good home, being available to the owners.) For each cat we are responsible their entire life (!). This responsibility does not end with the transfer of the cat to the new owner.

Cat breeding is our hobby not a business.

We all are working people and financially not depending on breeding. We do know that our breeding hobby costs more money and the sale of the cats covers only parts of our expenses.
Attendance of exhibitions with car or airplane, trips to the male breeding cat, purchase of new breeding cats, operations and health care of the cat colony, education and training seminars and lots more all have expenses, that cannot be included in the price of a kitten.

We know and accept these facts.

Principle of reciprocate help, respect and loyalty

The members of ITC support each other and the know-how of our breeders is shared; everybody helps other ITC members and is available in times of need. We treat each other with honesty, fairness and not as competitors. We are connected through limitless love for our cats, friendship and appreciation.

Organization and breeding

Pairings are only performed with healthy purebred animals. The health of the animals is the top priority, it includes genetic health (healthy lines, no inbreeding, regular testing, examinations). The second priority is the character of the cats, they should be loving and sociable, typical for their breed with a robust constitution.

The phenotype within the Thai standards can vary, since the different umbrella associations may have slightly different breed standards. Each breeder is allowed to also choose their own target characteristic, implement this goal and show this with the cats of his/her own Cattery with the support of the ITC breeders.

Public relations

At exhibitions, breeders of ITC represent themselves well and knowledgeable and show their cats in very good health conditions (i.e. well fed and well kept). They voluntarily answer questions of interested visitors.

The sale of the cats, at a minimum age of 12 weeks, is accompanied by a contract of sale. The new owner receives detailed information about the purchased animal. The breeder keeps in contact with the buyer after the purchase to assure the well being of the cat and to be a first line response in case of need by the new owner.

Continued education

ITC breeders behave objectively and are subject matter experts. It is the individuals` responsibility to continue their own education through specific literature and by attending seminars etc. 

New breeders are mentored, most often by the breeder who sold the cats to them. The mentor supports the new breeder with his/her knowledge and advice.

Leisure time

The cat breeding hobby takes up the majority of a breeder’s spare time. Many events and exhibitions are planned together, organized and executed. When together we spend most of our leisure time in a cultural environment. At exhibitions in foreign countries, we combine city and country tours to allow exposure to new foods and cultural events, enrichment through the circle of new and old friends and opportunities to open our personal horizons.


This is ITC, the International Thai Cats Association. Not too much, and not too little.

International Thai Cats

We are an independent community of breeders and lovers of Thai cat at international level.