The Board of the ITC consits of three equal members who perform all tasks together. They share special tasks complementing and substituting each other. For the breeders of ITC all three members of the Board are likewise contact persons. All decisions are made by the majority and borne by all.

Breeders in the sense of the ITC are all full-aged members of a breeding household in which at least one person is a member of a registered cat association. All breeders use Thai cats or Thai studs for breeding according to the ITC guidelines.

Fanciers within ITC are persons who do not intend to breed, but pursue the objectives of ITC according to these guidelines. Fanciers may also become breeders.



Core competence: Breeding management



Core competence: Cat health and care




Tasks of the Board, Members and Fanciers

Tasks of the Board

The Board performs organisational tasks  and coordinates the work between breeders..

Besides organisational duties within the breeders of ITC the Board will take care of representation and advertising and represents to the outside world.

The Board analysis the results of the outcome with the relevant evaluations and conclusions. The Board delivers new scientific knowledge and expert information to the members.

The Board controls the respect of the rules and resolutions and gives an annual account of its work, the breeding results and the compliance with guidelines.

All members of the Board offer advice and assistance to all breeders.

Tasks of the Breeders

The breeders are the mainstay of the ITC. An ITC breeder stands out by his special knowledge and personality.

The breeder is obliged to inform the Board, in particular regarding: diseases, defects, appeared “falsified” or incorrect pedigrees and genetic potential of the cattery.

Breeders of the ITC take responsibility for training themselves professionally.

Tasks of the ITC Fanciers

The fanciers are important pillars of the ITC, supporting the breeders and giving insights in the development of their Thai cats. Fanciers can take part in shows or other events of the ITC. They are included into group life by their breeders.

At any time, their breeders or other ITC members offer fanciers advice, information and support. Plans and projects are cleared with them in time.

Fanciers and breeders work together on a correct and confidential basis.

International Thai Cats

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