The daily life of a high performance athlete is very stressful and emotionally draining. But I have found since a long time that cats are loyal friends, stable points in my life and also sources of calm. With them the days seem a little brighter and more lively. Due to the tragic death of my beloved “Andari” on Mother’s Day 2013, I discovered the Thai breed, since my comfortable and relaxed British Short Hair male cat should not stay alone. At the time of Anadri’s death and during the time of mourning I was pregnant with our daughter Amy and wanted to find a male cat who was social with other cats and patient and loving with little kids. Thai cats seem to fit my search profile. And then I found  ‘Carlos’. Carlos is a fantastic and very unique tomcat, who founded my love for this breed. As a playmate we added a tomcat from the shelter we named Findus and in July 2016 Magic Thai Goblin’s Umay joined us. Unfortunately Findus died on January 2nd, 2017 after a short and deadly sickness.

Now two Thai cats and one British short hair live and love each other in our family. I know how the addition of a Thai cat can enrich one’s life and therefore I decided to make the Thai cat more known through my Cattery.

Since Carlos was castrated at 7 months, currently I need to find an external “dad’’. Carlos has a very dominant personality and would most likely not tolerate a potent rival.





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