My family and me live togehter with numerous animals in a rural place called Pucking which is located near Linz. It seems that my love for animals, especially for breeding was given as a gift to me in my cradle. Besides the wonderful Thaicats I have breeded horses successfully for twenty years.

As one day our tomcat didn`t come home any more I decided to make a long-held wish come true. A Siamese cat, the dream cat of my childhood, should move in. After many hours of research I came accross the Thai cat which fascinated me at once.

The search after a serious breeder in Austria led me to Michaela Kaiser and her cattery CaesarThai. The sentence. „The world is a village“ was approved again. Because she also lives in Pucking…so destiny took its course and soon after the first Thai cat girl moved in. Unfortunately at this time there were no kitten available at CaesarThai. But again Mrs. Kaiser helped me and established a contact for me to the cattery of Magic Thai Goblin`s of Carola Hopfe. A short time later the seal point girl Magic Thai Gobelin´s Ishka moved in. And as Thais cause addiction soon afterwards tomcat Magic Thai Gobelin´s Zuma found a home here.

Our cats do not only live at our house but also „with“ us. They are accustomed to children, dogs and other small animals. I am breeding on a small scale and correspondingly fondly and responsibly our kitten are brought up to offer them the best possible start into life.




Cattery "Cantico's Charming”
Barbara Frisch
AT-4055 Pucking, Österreich

Tel.:  6769518811
E-Mail: frisch.barbara [at]

WEB: Cantico´s Charming

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